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Below are lots of questions that we get asked, so we have tried to include as many answers for you as possible. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
How much does a new boiler cost?

The average cost to install a new boiler in 2024 can vary depending on several factors, including the type and size of the boiler, the complexity of the installation, and any additional components or services required. However, as of recent estimates, the typical cost for a new boiler installation in the UK ranges from £1,950 to £3,500.

Please read our blog here for more information

How much does a boiler service cost in 2024?

At Expert Heat our service fee is  £99 for a standard boiler service or £150 plus parts for a full strip down boiler service. Click to book a boiler service

What type of boiler service do I need?

At Expert Heat we offer two different types of boiler service, a standard service and a full strip down service.
a standard service checks the boiler is running correctly, cleans out magnetic filters and condensate traps, adjustments of the gas valve if necessary and a combustion analysis check. This type of service is usually sufficient for most boilers however we do recommend that at least once every 5 years your boiler has a full strip down boiler service, which is a more in-depth service which will sometimes require worn parts to be changed.

Do I have to have my boiler serviced to keep my new boiler warranty?

short answer YES. So all boiler manufacturers will require that the boiler is well maintained to keep the warranty, this means an annual gas boiler service will be required.

Who do I call if my new boiler breaks and needs a warranty call?

If your new boiler has a fault and we installed your new boiler then generally we say to call us first as we can go through some basic steps with you in order to work out if a warranty call is needed. If a warranty call is needed then we will call your boiler manufacturer and arrange this for you. That said you can call your boiler manufacturer yourself if you prefer to and arrange a warranty call yourself.

Do you offer finance?

Yes we offer monthly payment options on boiler installation and boiler repair. You can choose from 3-10 years and at the time of writing this we offer 10.9 APR

How long will it take to install my new boiler?

The time it takes to install a new boiler depends on what you currently have in your home. A straight swap boiler can be done in 1 day, however if your system is in need of a Powerflush then a 2nd day would be required.

if you have an older system with a hot water tank and wish to change this for a new combination boiler then this should take around 2 days, again if a Powerflush is required then this would need a day so would take the job to 3 days.

Are you Gas Safe registered?

Yes we Are Gas Safe Registered, we are fully qualified in the gas trade. We also go back to college every 5 years and are re assessed, this is to ensure we’re fully up to speed with all new gas regulations and work in a safe manner.

What boiler manufacturer do you recommend?

At Expert Heat we are trusted partners of Worcester Bosch and Baxi boilers, we fit and work on  these boilers daily and we really do know them inside out. Worcester and Baxi both offer quality boilers built to last and offer the best after sales services in the industry, plus being accredited installers for both Worcester and Baxi we get a higher level of service and a priority line if ever needed.

What is the average life span of a boiler?

You should expect a minimum of 10 years lifespan from a new gas boiler however they can last 15-20 years and longer if they are looked after correctly and serviced annually.

How long does a boiler service take?

A standard boiler service should last at least 30 minutes, a full strip down service usually takes at least 1 hour.

What’s included in my new boiler quote?

included in all of our boiler quotes

full installation including all parts ( no hidden extras )
Esi wireless programmable room thermostat ( boiler plus compliant ) – ( different controls may be offered depending on boiler type)
magnetic filter
scale reducer ( combination boilers only )
shock arrestor ( combination boiler only )
CO alarm
chemical flush of system
gas safety certificate
registration with gas safe.
registration of warranty with manufacturer
Manufacturer full parts and labour warranty

Do I need a Powerflush?

When having a new boiler installed it is strongly advised to have a Powerflush, sludge is a big get out clause for boiler warranty. However that being said not all systems do require a flush. The only true way of knowing is to take a sample of water from your heating system and test it.

How often should I get my gas boiler serviced?

You should get you gas boiler serviced once a year using a qualified gas safe registered company.

Do in need a new flue with my new boiler?

Yes you do need a new flue when having a new boiler installed even if your having the same brand of boiler fitted. The main reason for this is the seals inside of the old flue may be worn or perished which if reused could potentially leak to harmful gasses escaping into your property. Quite simply it just isn’t worth the risk.

Can I get a free boiler?

yes there are government grant schemes available but unfortunately Expert Heat can’t offer these schemes.

Can I keep my old room thermostat when I have a new boiler installed?

For new gas boiler installation’s in the uk, room thermostat’s have to be boiler plus compliant so in most cases your existing room thermostat will need to be replaced.

Will my new boiler be A-Rated?

Yes your new gas boiler will be A-Rated.

Do I have to have new ( TRV ) thermostatic radiator valves fitted?

You only have to have new thermostatic radiator valves ( TRV ) fitted if you don’t already have any in your property, building regulations state that all new and modified wet central heating systems must have a TRV fitted to every radiator except for one which is usually the radiator where the room thermostat is situated.

Do I have to register the warranty on my new boiler?

If you have a new boiler installed by Expert Heat then no you don’t need to do anything. Sit back and relax while we take care of everything to do with your new boiler installation, we will register your new boiler with the manufacturer and with gas safe who will send your the relevant paperwork / certification.

Can I keep my hot water tank?

Yes you can keep your hot water tank and just upgrade your old boiler to a new A-Rated condensing boiler.

Do I have to have a condensing boiler?

Yes when upgrading your gas boiler it has to be replaced by a gas condensing boiler.
condensing boilers became mandatory on 1st April 2005.

If I have a combi boiler installed will you remove my hot water tank?

Yes if you convert your existing central heating system to fit a new combination boiler ( combi ) then your hot water tank and cold water storage takes will be removed, freeing up valuable space in your home.

Do you offer boiler care plans?

yes Expert Heat is a big believer in planned maintenance so we offer a range of service plans to suite all needs and budgets.

Do I have to have a CO alarm fitted when having a new boiler replacement?

Yes, a CO alarm is is part of building regulations approved document J which came into effect in October 2022

New boiler quote in less than 1 minute

New Boiler quote in less than 1 minute

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